November 26, 2019

    Spinach Ricotta Lasagna Spirals

    In Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce Spinach Ricotta Lasagna Spirals in Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce filled with spinach, ricotta, and a chunky homemade…
    November 26, 2019

    Delectable Vegan Cauliflower Steaks

    With Crispy Butter Beans and Roasted Red Pepper Sauce Cauliflower steaks made oven roasted with simple seasonings like salt, pepper,…
    November 26, 2019

    Pulled BBQ Jackfruit

    With Mango-Cilantro Coleslaw I know what you’re thinking. What is that? It’s Pulled BBQ Jackfruit – aka the ticket to reclaiming your…

    Most Popular This Week

      January 21, 2019

      The Best and Easiest Poblano Tamale Pie

      With Pinto Beans & Guacamole Casserole season is upon us! Let’s start with one that everyone seems to dig –…
      October 27, 2019

      Roasted Red Pepper and Avocado Quesadilla

      These Roasted Red Pepper and Avocado Quesadilla are a filling and tasty lunch or dinner! Roasted red peppers give these…
      November 10, 2019

      Crispy Blackbean Japaleno Tacos

      With Avocado Mango Guacamole Meet my new obsession: Crispy Black Bean Tacos With Avocado Mango Guacamole. Crispy corn tortillas, without deep…

      Group Favorites

        October 11, 2019

        Hearty Secret Toronto Planta Burgers

        Toronto vegans may finally have a burger joint to call their own with Planta Burger. Why a burger? Why not?…
        January 14, 2019

        Vegan Jamaican Jerk Rasta Pasta!

        With Gardein Chicken Strips You’ll feel like you’re on vacation in the Islands when you try this Vegan Jamaican Jerk Rasta…
        February 13, 2019

        Deliciously Seasoned Roasted Winter Vegetables

        With Couscous & Kalamata Olive Sauce As much as I love grilling vegetables in the summer, I love roasting their…
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